Exercise After Hair Transplant – Is It Allowed?

Elisa Chistyukhina

Elisa Chistyukhina

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A hair transplant in Turkey means better self-confidence. As a sports enthusiast, you naturally want to do something for your physical fitness quickly and resume your usual sporting activities. But is it allowed to exercise after a hair transplant?

Is it allowed to do sports after a hair transplant?

After the procedure at Cosmedica with Dr Acar, you will be mentally fit the very next day. You can start exercising again just two weeks after the hair transplant. In order not to slow down the healing process, a few things must be taken into consideration.

  1. Direct sunlight

After the procedure, the hair follicles are sensitive to the sun. The scalp dries out. UV radiation damages the transplanted hair follicles. Therefore, the scalp should be protected from the sun with loose-fitting caps or hoods for the first few days after the procedure. When you resume sporting activities, you should not wear any headgear because sweat is increasingly formed under the tissue, delaying the healing process.

  1. Strenuous exercise

Intense training also leads to increased sweating. The risk of infection increases and healing is delayed. Sweat should never be wiped off but only carefully dabbed. The wiping movements can tear the hair roots that are not yet sufficiently anchored from the scalp.

  1. Follow the doctor’s instructions

Before the hair transplantation at the Cosmedica Clinic, Dr Acar will give you information about the necessary aftercare. Care for the scalp with special moisturising sprays and lotions to support blood circulation to the hair follicles. Regular cleansing of the scalp with a mild cleaning lotion will accelerate the growth of the hair follicles.

How long should I wait before doing sports and exercise?

You should not exercise for the first four days after the hair transplantation. The hair roots need time to grow firmly and to be supplied with sufficient nutrients and oxygen. A light exercise programme can be started two weeks after the procedure. Strenuous strength training should only be resumed after at least four weeks.

What sports can I practise after a hair transplant?

In the first weeks after the hair transplant, only light sports should be practised. Jogging and Nordic walking are no problem. No headgear should be worn, however.

Football can be risky in some situations. If the jersey is pulled over the head too quickly, the hair roots can be torn out of the recipient area. Also, the grafts can be damaged by a hard impact of the ball. They die easily after a bruise. Therefore, headers should not be performed until three months after the hair transplant at the earliest. The hair roots can also be damaged and die from blows and scratches during fouls.

Swimming and sunbathing should be avoided for the first four months. The hair follicles are particularly sensitive to UV radiation from the sun. A wide fisherman’s hat can protect the transplanted hair from the sun. Salty seawater or chlorinated water in swimming pools will cause the hair follicles to die. Natural water contains germs that increase the risk of infection.

When visiting the gym, make sure you do not lean your head on any equipment. The hair implants are damaged by pressure. There is a high risk when exercising on equipment such as the weight bench or leg press. Pilates and yoga exercises can also damage the newly transplanted hair roots through pressure.

What should you pay attention to when exercising after a hair transplant?

Modern minimally invasive methods are used for hair transplantation by Dr Acar at Cosmedica. You will feel fit again immediately, but should still avoid heavy physical exertion in order not to prolong the necessary regeneration time for the hair follicles. Exercises resumed after a few weeks should not be too strenuous to avoid sweating. By taking appropriate precautions during sports, a faster recovery can be expected.