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Hair Transplant: What to Expect in Your First Week

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In this blog post, you will find detailed information about the first week after your hair transplant surgery.Please note that the full recovery period after hair transplantation is an average of a year. This is a long-lasting process, although you should see results quickly.

The first week after your hair transplant

Day 1

On the first day after your hair transplant, you will be discharged with the donor area (usually the neck) covered with a bandage.The most important issue to pay attention to the first day is sleep position.If possible, the patient should sleep and rest in a chair. This is to protect both the transplanted and donor areas. You should also be prepared for some bleeding.

Day 2

On the second day after your hair transplantation operation, there may be pain in the both the recipient area and in the donor area. This is quite normal and very common.While bleeding can be seen in the donor area, blood will be completely dried in the area of transplant. The donor area is still bandaged.

Day 3

Today is the day to wash your hair. You should note that the first wash after hair transplantation will be carried out by a specialist under the supervision of your doctor.The wash will remove the scabbing in the recipient area. Check out this video to learn more about the first wash process.When you go to the clinic on day 3 after your hair transplantation surgery, the bandages are removed from the donor are for the first time.Then, a special solution will be applied to the donor area to soften the dried blood. Then the washing process will begin.On day three, you must protect your head from the sun rays before and after the clinic visit.The sleeping position should be the same today as the first two days.

Day 7

The first 3 days after hair transplant are days that require extra sensitivity.The head area should be washed regularly and carefully every day until it is freed from the scabs in the hair transplant area. You should also protect your head from direct sunlight.The first week sees the healthly transplanted hair follicles adjusting and establishing themselves in their new environment.Therefore, you should protect the transplanted area by avoiding impacts, hard movements, scrubbing, scratching or rubbing.Your specialist may recommend antibiotic therapy in the first week. This is planned as a 5 to 3 days treatment, specific to the needs of the patient.In the first week the rapid recovery in the donor area may surprise you.At the end of the first week, you will probably see the hair falling out from the recipient area. This is also completely normal. Don’t worry, it will grow back!Click to learn more about the world class services of Cosmedica Clinic!

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