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Advanced tools and the latest hair transplant technologies at the clinic of the world-renowned surgeon Dr. Levent Acar.

Free Consultation & Hair Analysis

Cosmedica Clinic provides you with Dr. Acar’s assessment based on your pictures sent to our team. Our team which consists of hair transplant experts will provide your with Dr. Acar’s free assessment and will inform you about the right treatment and the best technique based on your condition to get a hair transplant in Turkey for an affordable price.

To get a free assessment and online hair transplant consultation please request a free consultation.

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Surgeon Dr. Acar

Is a graduate of Istanbul University Medical Faculty. He is an associate member of Realself and ISHRS and is specialized in hair transplant and medical aesthetics.
As a world-renowned hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Acar has participated in various hair transplant programs and congresses globally and offers high-quality Hair Transplant in Turkey.

Minimal Incision, Faster Recovery

The ultra-sharp Sapphire Blade offers smooth incisions with less tissue trauma which eventually form healthy micro-channels for the implants.

The high-endurance and anti-bacterial gemstone contribute to denser and better hair transplant practices.

Ultra-Modern and Precise Implantation

The Implanter DHI Pen shares the advantages of frictionless and 360° protected graft implantation. Without rubbing and breaking sensitive hair follicles, it enables a pinpoint penetration of the graft directly into the scalp.

Look like you've never had Hair Loss, or Even Better than Ever

Behind the successful results and our high success ratio lies the 12 months of support and follow-up of our aftercare team.

after dhi hair transplant turkey istanbul before hair transplant
after-results-hair-transplant-4760-grafts before-results-hair-transplant-4760-grafts
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Successful Results with Celebrities

Thousands of smiles reach us back, from all over the globe, in return for the result-driven and patient-centric treatments. Seeing the contribution of our services to all our patients keeps our passion for high-quality hair transplant alive.

Absolutely Fantastic
“My result is absolutely fantastic. I’ve actually haven’t got a hairline in about five years. It’s absolutely unbelievable. It exceeded my expectations. In the first few stages, you’re not sure how it’s going to turn out in six months’ time. But after these six months, I’ve started to see the result. I can’t thank you enough. I’m very happy.“
Thomas Powell, UK
Definitely Recommended
Very professional in a large hospital. I was picked up at airport. Great hotel, great doctor and a perfect team. I would definitely recommend Cosmedica and Dr. Acar to anyone who is thinking about having a hair transplant.
Mike S., London
Top Service
It’s been great. Doctor Acar is brilliant, very hospital, very welcoming and very proffessional. The whole staff is proffessional. I look around the hospital; and it is top of the line and clean. You know something is going on right here. I knew it was safe and trustworthy. Cosmedica has done a great job. It was three days in total, in and out, safe, healthy and happy. I am happy being here. Thank you very much everybody.
Calum Best
For me only one clinic came into question
Dr. Levent Acar and his team are simply outstanding. From the information to the preparation of the treatment to the aftercare, you are in the best hands. In addition, there is a fantastic cordiality and friendliness of all employees. Thank you very much!
Andreas Brehme
Great Results
Bit by bit I was losing hair, but at some point, it came to a degree that I couldn’t tie my hair anymore. It was very hard to lose hair and all my self-confidence as a woman. Thanks to Dr. Acar my hair is now back to normal. I’ve recommended Cosmedica to many female friends with similar mild hair loss. I would like to thank every member staff of Cosmedica Clinic. All I can say is they are the crème de la crème.
Andreas Brehme
Thank you Dr. Acar
Since 2 years, at work, at dinner tables, everybody is asking me how I’m getting younger day by day. Just some of them know I had a hair transplant. My hairline is thicker, and the crown is fuller thanks to Cosmedica. It was very important for me that it looks natural, and not “hair transplant-ish”. Thank you Dr. Acar!
Younes P.
100% Recommended
Since 2 years, at work, at dinner tables, everybody is asking me how I’m getting younger day by day. Just some of them know I had a hair transplant. My hairline is thicker, and the crown is fuller thanks to Cosmedica. It was very important for me that it looks natural, and not “hair transplant-ish”. Thank you Dr. Acar!
Peter H.
Request Free Consultation
Request Free Consultation
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Get Your Hair Analysis Results
We will contact you as soon as possible with the results of your hair analysis.

We will then clarify your questions in a consultation and explicitly address your current hair situation.

In an initial assessment, we determine the number of grafts required and the hair transplantation method to be used for your specific hair type.
cosmedica clinic hair transplant turkey istanbul
Arrive to Istanbul
If there are no more unanswered questions, we will organise your stay at the 5-star hotel (including transfer from the airport) and help you find a suitable flight. After your arrival, you can let yourself be inspired by the metropolis of Istanbul.
hair transplant final step
Get Your Hair Transplant
During your stay in Istanbul, our staff will take care of your well-being.

Before the actual hair transplantation, a personal consultation with Dr. Levent Acar takes place.
The doctor then draws the appropriate hairline. After that, nothing stands in the way of your new hair and you can start your new phase of life.
hair transplant final step

Our All Inclusive Services

Our total package includes, in addition to the chosen method of hair transplantation, planning and supervision by Dr. Acar, airport transfers, hotel and clinic transfers, as well as accommodation in a superb hotel near the clinic. If you wish, you can book a special VIP package for your hair transplantation with Dr. Acar personally performing the DHI Sapphire method. Are you interested or do you have any questions? We will be happy to answer your inquiry. You can contact us by phone and e-mail or via our consultation form.

Transfer & Shuttle Service

So that your transfers to and from the airport, as well as to the clinic are hassle-free.

Anti-hair loss

With the hair loss therapy, your hair is stimulated to grow again.

5 stars hotel

So that your stay is as pleasant as possible and you can recover quickly.

Care products

With our aftercare products & medications, your hair is optimally cared for.

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Request for free Hair Analysis and Consultation

Hair Transplant during Corona Pandemic

Cosmedica Clinic takes the current situation very seriously and has initiated measures accordingly both in the clinic and outside the clinic. We offer PCR COVID-19 testing to our patients on site. In addition, we support our customers with questions regarding their hair transplantation in Turkey during the pandemic.