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Getting a beard transplant in Turkey is a very effective way to achieve the beard growth you desire. Men and women alike often see the ability to grow a full, thick beard as a sign of masculinity.

Why get a beard transplant at Cosmedica in Istanbul?

Cosmedica Clinic is one of the leading clinics for beard transplants in Turkey.

Dr. Levent Acar, building his many years of experience, offers individually tailored hair transplant procedures that exceed even the highest expectations of his patients. He uses cutting edge technologies so that every treatment available at our clinic is the most modern and gentle on the market.

Professionally performed beard transplant surgery is the fastest and easiest method to achieve dense, even beard growth.

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What does the process for a beard transplant look like?

After a detailed consultation with Dr. Acar, the number of donor hairs needed is determined using a hair analysis before the beard transplant procedure. Individual hairs are selected according to their thickness and direction of growth to optimally match the existing beard hair.

Then, using the FUE method, hair grafts are extracted from the back of the head. A hollow micro-needle with a diameter of 0.7 mm is used to precisely separate the hair root from the surrounding skin. The hairs removed from the donor area are then placed in a nutrient solution to preserve the vitality of the delicate follicles.

After this step, the individual grafts are inserted into small channels created with Sapphire blades in the recipient area. Dr. Acar does this with great accuracy so that the new beard hairs are placed according to their natural direction of growth. The hair grafts are supplied with blood after a very short time and take root again.

This technically complicated procedure requires a hair surgeon several hours to complete, so it should only be carried out by experienced and adept surgeons.

After the implanted hair follicles have rested for several weeks, they start producing new hairs. The first results are visible after only two months. The final result is usually achieved after twelve months.

The procedure is not very painful as it can be performed under local anesthesia. The risks of a stressful general anesthetic can thus be completely excluded.

Natural looking results

What are the benefits of a beard transplant?

Natural-Looking Results
Beard transplants offer natural-looking results since the hair is sourced from your body. The transplanted hair seamlessly blends with your existing facial hair, leaving no visible signs of a procedure.

Boost in Self-Confidence
For men struggling with facial hair loss, a fuller beard can significantly boost self-confidence and improve self-image, allowing them to embrace their masculinity with pride.

Permanent Solution
Unlike temporary solutions like beard implants, a beard transplant provides a permanent solution, making it a one-time investment for a lifetime of facial hair.

Patchy beard growth?

Who is eligible for a beard transplant?

At Cosmedica Clinic, we prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our patients, which is why we carefully evaluate each individual’s eligibility for a beard transplant.

Those with patchy or thin facial hair growth are ideal candidates for a beard transplant. This procedure effectively addresses areas of sparsity, providing a more uniform and aesthetically pleasing beard.

Additionally, men who have suffered from a trauma or injury that has resulted in scarring or hair loss in their beard area may also benefit from a transplant.

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How do I find the right clinic?

Choosing the right clinic depends on several factors. The most important is a professionally performed procedure by a surgeon with many years of experience.

The more experienced the attending doctor is, the more certain you are of a satisfactory result after the transplant. The highest hygiene standards must be maintained during treatment to keep the risk of wound infections low.

You can also look up a clinic’s reviews or look on hair transplant forums and get detailed advice before the procedure.

Lastly, beard transplant cost is undoubtedly an important factor for many patients.

After the operation

After the procedure, you should not expose your skin to intense sunlight. If you go out in the sun, a cream with a high sun protection factor (a perfume-free lotion with a sun protection factor of 50 is best) must be applied to the transplanted areas for several months.

In the early recovery period, there may be some mild side effects, such as a little swelling, inflammation, and sensitivity. But these side effects will pass in no time.

The first new beard hairs can be seen as early as two months after the procedure, although of course, it is slightly different for each patient. After 12 months, there should be strong beard growth. At this point, you should be able to style your beard however you want.

The goal of a beard transplant in Turkey with Dr. Acar is to achieve dense, even beard growth that will last a lifetime. Apply today for your free consultation with Dr. Acar. He will analyze pictures of your beard growth and advise on the best way forward.

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