What is the best age to get a FUE hair transplant?


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The best age for a FUE hair transplant

Genetic hair loss can begin almost any time in life. If a patient suffers from hair loss, the sooner the action, the more chance there is of a positive outcome from treatment.
Young people should take hair loss that starts at an early age seriously and should consult a specialist for treatment. Frontal balding or receding hairlines are the most common pattern of hair loss. Those who experience this problem at a young age should start taking measures as soon as possible.

Prevention is better than cure

Hair treatment and hair transplant surgeries should be started as soon as possible to avoid the problem completely. Prevention is better than cure.
No matter what age you are, if you have a thinning in your hair density and your scalp has become visible, you are a suitable candidate for hair transplant surgery. The most effective treatment for this problem is the FUE hair transplant method.
There is no specific age limitation for hair transplant surgery, but recent research suggests that hair transplant operations performed at early ages give better results.
The most important factor in hair transplantation surgery is whether the patient has completely lost their hair. For this reason, if the hair transplant operation is to be carried at early stage of hair loss, it is possible that the hair loss will continue after the operation.

Ongoing intervention

Therefore, the operation needs to be carried out with this in mind. The patient may need to undergo further two or three hair transplant sessions later in their life. This is a normal situation and is much better than waiting until hair loss is completed before taking action. It is best not to be late for hair transplant surgery.
It is very important that healthy hair follicles in the donor area should not be lost. Once the patient is almost fully bald, it becomes very difficult to have enough donor hair to replace the lost hair follicles. The thicker the hair on the neck area, the more successful the hair transplant operation.
In short, to prevent hair loss before it is too late, it is best to get an expert’s advice to explore your options for hair treatment or hair transplant operations.

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