Natural Looking Hair Transplants – What to Look Out For

Elisa Chistyukhina

Elisa Chistyukhina

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Patients seeking hair transplants don’t want their new head of hair to look like hair transplant surgery. They want natural looking results.
The hairline at the front of the scalp is the key to this. The stereotypical hair transplant result features extremely straight lines which simply are not natural looking results.
This was often the result of hair plugs. The hair plug technique was the hair transplant technique most widely used until the early 2000s. The hair transplant surgeon would take sections of skin and hair follicles from the back of the head and transplant them into the areas where hair had been lost.
This produced healthy hair on the thin areas, but the result was often quite unnatural looking. Especially, the transplanted hair often looked like it was from a child’s doll because the transplanted sections of skin were too large to give a realistic effect.
Men and women seeking hair restoration surgery prefer hairline designs in which the transplanted hair looks totally natural.

How to achieve totally natural looking hair transplant results

Achieving a completely natural looking hairline means using individual transplanted hairs to create completely natural hair transplant results. A patient suffering from genetic hair loss will usually be a good candidate for this treatment.
The most experienced hair surgeons who take pride in their work will use either the FUE or the DHI technique to transfer individual follicular units onto the front of the hair line. This allows for a naturally undulating hairline which exactly mimics how a natural hairline looks.
FUE and DHI techniques also allow for the careful placing of hair grafts on the crown of the head so that their direction of growth mirrors the natural direction of growth.
Modern DHI implanter pens allow for extremely precise placing of transplanted hair, so even with a high number of grafts, a good surgeon will achieve a very natural effect.
It also needs an experienced hair surgeon to avoid other pitfalls of artificial looking hair transplants. Many poor-quality hair transplants not only create a unnaturally straight hairline, they also place it too far down the forehead.
Another classic symptom of a low-quality hair transplant is an insufficient number of grafts on the top of the head. This can especially be a problem if the patient is still losing their hair. If there are not enough grafts, once more of the original hair falls out, there are too few grafts left over to provide the appearance of a thick, healthy head of hair.
Good hair doesn’t look artificial. There is no excuse for a hair transplant that looks like a hair transplant. The technology now exists for great results no matter the number of grafts required.

The best results in the business

Cosmedica Clinic offers the best hair transplant results that there are.
Dr. Acar, the leading hair transplant surgeon in Turkey, places great value in giving his clients incredibly natural looking results.
Hairs do not grow individually. Rather, they grow in follicular units which are clumps of several hairs. However, hairs on the hairline frequently grow individually, as can be seen in the image above.
Removing individual follicular units from the donor area, Dr. Acar uses an LCD microscope to split them up into individual hairs. These individual hairs can then be placed on the hairline to achieve a completely realistic result.
This is extremely delicate work that most hair transplant clinics do not do. Only a hair surgeon completely dedicated to achieving the best results medically possible will do so.
Check out Dr. Acar’s results for proof of his track record in achieving the best and most natural looking hair transplants on the market today.
The most remarkable thing about Dr. Acar’s success in natural-looking hair transplants is that they are available for a fraction of the cost of inferior hair transplants in other countries. A rudimentary FUT (Follicular Unit Transfer) hair transplant in the UK or the US is likely to have less natural-looking results and to leave a scar on the donor area. Furthermore, the costs are significantly higher than with Dr. Acar.
At Cosmedica Clinic, Dr. Acar specialises in the Sapphire DHI technique. This is the most modern hair transplant technology in the world, which Dr. Acar has pioneered.
Sapphire DHI is the best technique for a natural looking hairline for two reasons. Firstly, the sapphire cutting tools used give finer precision than traditional steel tools. Secondly, the special DHI implanter pen allows for the most accurate and protected implantation process available.
Sapphire DHI with Dr. Acar is, quite simply, the best and most cost-effective way to guarantee a natural looking hair transplant and total satisfaction.
Find out more and get a free consultation today.