Sapphire DHI Hair Transplant: The World’s Best Technique

Elisa Chistyukhina

Elisa Chistyukhina

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Sapphire DHI hair transplant: the best there is

A Sapphire DHI transplant offers the best hair graft survival rate of any hair implantation technique.

Dr. Acar at Cosmedica Clinic has developed DHI Sapphire as the most advanced and successful hair transplant method in the world today.

What is more, the Sapphire DHI hair transplant technique allows for the smallest incisions in the scalp of any hair restoration technique. The damage to the scalp is minimised, giving faster healing, less chance of infection, and less pain.
The precision of the Sapphire DHI operation gives the densest hair results of any hair loss treatment in existence. Sapphire cutting technology allows for a greater number of grafts per squares centimetre compared to other types of FUE techniques or standard DHI.

What is different about a Sapphire DHI hair transplant

Sapphire DHI combines the best of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and DHI (Direct Hair Implantation). There are three stages to a Sapphire DHI operation.
Firstly, the donor hairs are extracted from the donor area with a micromotor punch. Secondly, the hair channels in the recipient area are opened with a blade made of the precious stone sapphire. The blade is sharper and finer than the usual tools used so the cuts are less invasive and they can be more precise and closer together.
Finally, a DHI Implanter pen (sometimes known as a choi implanter pen) is used to implant the hair root in the fine cut made by the sapphire blades. The hair graft is completely sheathed on all sides – 360-degree protection – by the implanter pen.
The use of the two techniques together – DHI and sapphire – gives the best, densest results. It maintains the hair graft protection of the DHI pen, and results in less skin trauma for faster healing and faster results.
A skilled surgeon can use the advantage of the sapphire tools to align hair follicles in exactly the right way to give dense, natural-looking hair growth.

What is different about a Sapphire DHI hair transplant

The donor hairs for the operation usually come from the back and side of the head. Therefore, the best candidates for the Sapphire DHI, as with all hair transplant operations, are those who still have healthy growth on the back of their head.
Sapphire DHI is more precise and labour-intensive than an FUE hair transplant. Sapphire DHI operations for patients with severe hair loss will often take place over two days. Those who need a very large number of grafts, usually over 3,500, will need to consider this option.
The price of such an operation at Cosmedica still work out much more cheaply than an FUE treatment will do in other countries.
There are other factors to consider, such as ongoing hair loss and how that may affect the transplanted grafts. We can achieve the best results when hair loss has already run its course. A consultation with an expert hair surgeon will shed light on the best way forward.

Next steps

Sapphire DHI represents the future of hair transplant methods. It has been developed at Cosmedica Clinic by Dr. Levent Acar. He is the most experienced DHI Sapphire surgeon in the world, as befits the man who developed it.
Despite its world-leading status, a Sapphire DHI operation at Cosmedica Clinic is much cheaper than a transplant with older techniques elsewhere. This is because Istanbul is the world leading centre for hair transplant surgeries, offering unparalleled choice and competition.
Check out the hair transplant Turkey costs of Cosmedica Clinic.
Book a free, no-commitment consultation with Dr. Acar, the world’s leading DHI Sapphire surgeon.
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