Medically Trusted Procedure to Fix a Bad Hair Transplant

Elisa Chistyukhina

Elisa Chistyukhina

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Have you ever attempted a hair transplant that left your hair loss worse off than before the transplant? Even if you haven’t, failed hair transplant is the sad tale of many patients who seek solutions to their hair loss problems.However, there’s good news. There is a medically trusted procedure to fix a bad hair transplant. Hair transplant repair is a key feature of the operations of Cosmedica. Below, Cosmedica – Dr. Acar provides key information you should know about the causes of bad hair transplants and how to fix them.

Reality of Bad Hair Transplant

Contrary to popular belief, not all hair transplants have a 100% success rate. Failed hair transplants usually have their roots in poor medical procedures or unskilled professionals.Generally, a bad hair transplant occurs when the transplant results look less conventional and less dense than the average human hair. For most patients with failed hair transplants, the difference between their hair and natural-looking hair is usually obvious, drawing the attention of other people to the fact that they had a transplant.

Why Do Bad Hair Transplants Happen?

Most times, medical professionals take the blame for bad hair transplants. However, medical practitioners are not the sole reason for bad hair transplants as other factors lead to poor surgery results. Here are five major factors that may contribute to a bad hair transplant.

Patient Post-Transplant Surgery Mistakes

Some hair transplants may turn out successful but due to the mistakes or inability of patients to follow rules, the results of the transplant begin to wear off. As such, it appears that the hair transplant surgeries were unsuccessful. Common post-transplant mistakes may range from exposure of the transplanted hair to direct sunlight or steam bath.

Unfitting Conditions for Transplant

It is unprofessional to assume that a hair transplant will be a perfect response to every patient. Some people have hair conditions that do not allow for a successful transplant. In turn, any surgical process may end up as a failure. Some criteria to consider in determining a hair’s fitness for transplant includes age, area of the scalp for the transplant, history of hair loss, and the capacity of the donor area.
Other factors such as visible scarring of the hair region, overly broad and forward hairlines, as well as large hair plug-grafts can result in improper hair transplants.

Hair Graft Extraction Errors

Other times, poor hair loss may result from improper hair graft and excessive follicular unit extraction processes. Some of the most common graft errors include imbalanced hair extraction, poor use of grafting tools, excessive grafts removed from the on-ear region, and overharvesting of a donor area.

Best Hair Restoration Techniques to Fix Bad Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction and Direct Hair Restoration are medically proven hair restoration techniques that can help patients restore their hair follicles and offer better naturally looking hair. They can be applied using the following procedures:

Camouflage Procedure: Surgeons opt for this method when transplant results are not terrible. The method extracts poor hair grafts and substitutes them with individual follicles.

Extraction Procedure: This technique is also known as graft excision. It involves removing unnatural hair grafts, breaking them down into smaller follicular units and re-implanting them at the right angles.

Combination Method: The combined technique adopts both camouflage and excision methods to re-implant and adopts new donor hair.

Scalp Micropigmentation: The SMP involves concealing a bad hair transplant with a tattoo-like pattern that makes the scarring appear like a low-cut hairstyle.

Final Thoughts on Fixing Bad Hair Transplant

Bad hair transplant may have ripple effects on patients. That’s why when repairing a poor transplant, you should only consult a qualified professional. Cosmedica is a leading clinic in this field, and they are ready to offer the experience and skill needed to get your hair back in shape. Contact Cosmedica today for high-quality transplant services today.

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