How to Choose a Hair Transplant Surgeon

Elisa Chistyukhina
Elisa Chistyukhina
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As the popularity of hair transplant surgery is increasing rapidly in recent years, knowing how to choose a hair transplant surgeon becomes a relevant issue.

You should know that hair transplant procedures are part of aesthetic surgery. According to Turkish law, only specialists in plastic surgery or dermatology can perform hair transplants.

Certificates and experience

Hair transplantation, which includes surgical applications, requires medical experience as well as design and artistic talent. 

First, you must ask for your doctor’s certificate of competence. Is he or she a member of the international society of hair restoration surgery ISHRS? If so, then you are very likely to be in good hands.

But just certificates are not enough. It is also very important that the hair restoration surgeon who will perform the hair transplant has the experience and has been successful in this field. 

Your surgeon needs to be up to date with the latest hair transplant techniques, such as follicular unit extraction. With this technique, hair grafts are removed one by one, which results in a more natural look of the transplanted hair as opposed to the follicular unit transplantation technique, where a strip of skin is cut from the donor area.

You should find out beforehand which type of hair transplant the surgeon is offering.

Communication with the hair transplant surgeon

As a patient, you need to communicate any concerns to your doctor before the surgery. For this purpose, you can ask how many years the specialist has been in the profession, how many hair transplants they have performed and what the results look like, whether he or she participates in national or international congresses and symposia, and whether there are local or global publications.

An unsuccessful operation can lead to serious health problems and undesirable outcomes. On top of that, a bad outcome worsens the person’s mental well-being. You may have to undergo corrective actions regarding the surgical errors, which can lead to additional costs and wasted time.

Hair transplant surgeon's website

You can do your own research about the hair transplant surgeon by looking at their website and social media.

When researching them on the internet, you should not only consider your doctor’s education and career, but also the comments of patients they have treated before.

For the sake of both your appearance and your health, you should choose a highly qualified and knowledgeable doctor for a hair transplant in Turkey.

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