Hair transplant to the crown area


crown are in hair transplant

Natural view is important in hair transplant. The determination and execution of the correct angle procedure in hair brings that. Forehead line is considered to be the most important area when it comes to natural appearance in hair transplantation. However, the vertex area, which is also known as the vertex, is considered the most difficult area in the natural appearance.

Vertex is a Latin origin term which refers to “the top.” In medicine, it means the top of the scalp. This area has a great importance in hair transplantation. The angle of each of the hair follicle in this area has its own dynamics. The direction of hair growth may also vary from one to another. Therefore, in order to achieve the naturalness of hair growth in this area should be given to each hair root with using special methods.

In hair transplantation process, firstly the person’s hair shape is determined carefully. All possibşe hair roots are calculated by following the outlet angle of the hair in this area. The healthy hair roots in the donor area are transplanted to the vertex.

The FUE technique is applied in such regional hair transplantations for the convenience it provides. As with correctly applied FUE technique, the vertex region is also can recover in a very short time period. The patient can easily return his/her routine daily life.

After vertex hair transplantation, this area should be protected with utmost care from external factors. At the end of 3 months, the planted hair starts to grow healthy. After approximately 1 year, a completely natural appearance is obtained.

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