Hair Transplant Forums: Can You Trust Them?



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A hair transplant forum can be a great place to get information about hair loss and its treatments.

Dealing with hair loss can cause a lot of suffering. For many people, a full head of hair is the epitome of attractiveness. For many patients, getting a hair transplant is the ultimate and permanent solution.

Naturally enough, all patients have countless questions that they ask themselves before a planned procedure. After all, a hair restoration operation costs quite a bit of money. It has a significant and lasting impact on the patient’s subsequent appearance. Many patients find it reassuring and comforting to exchange stories and knowledge with other sufferers of hair loss.

Hair transplant forums are useful platforms for exchange

Hair transplant forum

Turkey has fast become the Silicon Valley for getting a hair transplant. People travel from all over the world to Istanbul to get a new head of hair.

However, this is by no means only due to the fact that Istanbul offers the most competitive prices. Turkey also has many renowned doctors and clinics with a first-class reputation. Ever-rising numbers of patients fly to Turkey for a hair transplant. It is now possible to get the views of other people on forums on the internet.

Various forums are particularly useful for exchanging information, as they are places to which people go to get their most pressing hair transplant questions answered. There are a few forums that deal with the topic of hair loss and hair transplants. Well-known examples are “hairlossexperience or hairrestorationnetwork” .

Helpful sources of information before getting a hair transplant

The Internet is the ideal medium for gathering information. Nowhere else can you find such a concentrated load of information and reports of other’s people’s experiences. This is even the case for such a specific topic as getting a hair transplant in Turkey.

People exploring a hair transplant can check out how other people have experienced the process and if they are satisfied with their results. It can be very reassuring to see people’s positive reports or to avoid clinics that garner lots of negative reviews.

Forums are therefore ideal for personal research to prepare for one’s own hair transplant procedure. In this way, you can not only form your own opinion, but also obtain information about your chosen clinic in Turkey. You may also find reviews for the doctor who will be treating you.

Advantages of searching for information in a hair transplant forum

Of course, you can find answers to many questions in a forum. This takes away patients’ fear in advance and can eliminate uncertainties. Some people seek to assuage their uncertainty by gathering information.

These days, most operations are of the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), whether that be plain FUE or its offshoot DHI (Direct Hair Implantation). These techniques are less intrusive in the donor area of the scalp than older methods such as FUT (Follicular Unit Transfer).

You can find all kinds of reports about all these procedures. You may even be able to get information about the doctor treating you and thus get a first impression. If you don’t find a suitable answer, you can create your own post in no time and hope for the help of other users.

Internet users are not doctors

As helpful as forums can be, one should also take everything contained within with a pinch of salt. Opinions and experiences can be very different, and everybody has different ideas and expectations.

Crucially, every patient has a different initial situation before a hair transplant. A treatment that may work perfectly for one person may not work so well for another, or a particular person may have a medical issue which causes a specific effect. As the people who post reviews in forums are not doctors, you can never know what is really going on in the case of bad reviews. In sum, the authors of the forum posts are nearly always private individuals who have no specialist knowledge.

If you browse through a forum before a hair transplant, you should not believe everything that is written there. It is much too easy to form a negative opinion that is not justified. It is therefore always better to seek advice from an experienced doctor.

You can also use various forums on the internet to exchange opinions with other patients. However, they should not be the measure of all things, because they can distort facts or withhold important details. This is not necessarily intentional, rather this is just what people do because they are not scientifically trained.

Possible alternatives to a hair transplant forum

Patient suffering from hair loss in consultation with a doctor.

Forums about hair loss and hair transplants are a good way to find out about the individual aspects of such a procedure. However, there are also a few other sources of information that you can use in advance.

In the meantime, there are some private blogs that reflect the personal experiences of those affected. There may be groups on Facebook which fulfil a similar function to online forums.

Many hair transplant companies have blogs on their website which seek to answer frequently asked questions about hair transplants. You are on the best of these blogs right now. We have many other articles covering the essentials of hair transplantation.

The best option: get a personal consultation with Dr. Levent Acar

A big disadvantage of internet forums is that you will find little information about Sapphire DHI, the most modern and successful hair transplant technology in existence. This is because it has been pioneered by Dr. Levent Acar at Cosmedica clinic, and few other clinics have adopted it.

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No reputable doctor will tell you to get a hair transplant which might not have the desired effect.

Patients at Cosmedica will always find a competent contact person to address their concerns and worries. We strive to answer all contacts as quickly as possible.

A hair transplant is by no means finished with the operation. Patients will also find a sympathetic ear at Cosmedica and will get help with any concerns they may have at any time during aftercare.


Hair transplant forums can be helpful for sharing experiences and finding support. However, remember the advice comes from regular people, not doctors. Their experiences may differ from yours, and the information may not be entirely accurate.

Yes, forums can be a good starting point for research. You can find information about procedures, clinics, and doctor reviews. But be critical – not all information is reliable.
While forums can be informative, a consultation with a qualified hair transplant doctor is essential. They can assess your situation and recommend the best course of treatment for you.