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head Redness After Hair Transplant

One of the most frequent asked questions come from you is about the redness after a hair transplant. As Cosmetic Clinic, we’d like to inform you on this topic. Let’s take a look about that redness.

Redness after hair transplantation, occurs after the operation due to planting hair follicles and healing process. You should know that some patients with lighter coloured skin are at higher risk. But this can be seen in everyone and it is completely normal. The redness lasts between one and three weeks. There is nothing to worry about it.

Basically, because many tiny holes in the donor and transplanting area are opened, and the roots are placed in their new holes, there can be some scabs and crusts. With the washing process, the new planted are may have some redness on it. You may see that your scabs turn white and/or swell as well.

How does the redness heal after a hair transplant?

Because it is a normal process after your hair transplant, patients can not entirely get rid of the redness easily. However, it is possible to alleviate the impacts with particular steps.
These two steps are very important:

1: Taking care not to shower under very hot water.
2: Must wearing a hat on very sunny days.

Apart from such steps, the cream or lotions recommended by the doctor may also be used for redness after hair transplantation. Do not use any cream or lotion without permission from your specialist doctor.

When it will be healed after the hair transplant?

Redness after hair transplantation varies according to the body of the patient from 1 week to 3 weeks after transplanting surgery completely loses effect.

It is also known that this period may last longer in some patients. People who are particularly sensitive with their skin and have light skin can have 2 months of redness.

If the redness is increasing gradually after hair transplantation, or continues after more than 2 months has passed you should directly inform your doctor because in such cases the risk of infection is very high.

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