TV star Calum Best in Istanbul for hair transplantation


Calum Best In Istanbul Hair Transplantation cosmedica

The famous model and television star Calum Best preffered Istanbul and Cosmedica Clinic for his hair transplantation surgery.

Born in 1981, the famous star -is also the son of legendary football player George Best- lives in London.

Best told about the time he had in Istanbul his 3 day visit after Dr. Acar and his professional team have perfectly operated his hair transplant with using FUE technique.

“It’s been great. Dr. Acar is brilliant and the whole staff is hospitable, welcoming and comfortable. First of all, I look around this hospital top of the line and so well equipped with the latest technologies. There is like 25 patients here in a day. So you know something is going on right now, right here. It’s been safe, comfortable and successful trip for me. Dr. Acar and his staff are incredible. They’ve done a great job. I am happy here. Thanks to Istanbul and everyone.”

In this 3 day visit, Calum Best also visited Istanbul’s historical sites, art centers and culturel places. He had historical information on Istanbul.

At the same time, he also enjoyed a marvelous boat tour on the precious Bosphorus.

Turkey is now one of the best choices in health tourism and the world celebs choose Turkey for their aesthetic operations. Those celebs who choose Cosmedica Clinique for their needs are quite happy with their experiences.

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