Quality of hair transplant instruments


quality of hair transplant instruments

Various tools are needed to perform a hair transplant. The use of instruments can vary per clinic. We will explain in this article what is needed to properly perform this treatment and why the quality of these instruments are important.

A hair transplant is always done under local anesthesia. The anesthetic ensures that you do not have pain during the extraction and transplantation of the grafts. At Cosmedica Clinic, you can choose for the Needle-free Anesthesia which is %70 less painful than a traditional hair transplant.

To remove the grafts, also called hair follicles, a drill or needle is needed. These instruments generally have a diameter of 0.6 mm to 1 mm. The size of the instrument varies per clinic. It also differs per type of hair transplant. Therefore, the instrument should be chosen for each patient individually for a personalized treatment.

Treatment chair
For a hair transplant, it is necessary that there is a good and comfortable treatment chair. A hair transplant lasts on average about 4 to 8 hours. You also need to be able to lie comfortably on both your back and stomach.

Petri dish
When the grafts have been removed, the grafts will be placed in a petri dish. This petri dish contains a special substance, through which the hairs survive outside the head and can be put back later. Thanks to the petri dish, it is easier for the medical team and the hair transplant doctor to store and use the grafts when they have to be placed.

Sapphire Blade
FUE method hair transplantation helps. It has been developed to open smaller microchannels in areas where the hair follicles are removed from the donor area.

Opening a channel is a phase that has a direct influence on the latest results of hair transplants. In this stage, we use sapphire inserts that are ultra-sharp and fine cut, the tip of which is made of sapphire.

The Sapphire Blade ensures minimal trauma and less bleeding which helps faster recovery as well as the operation itself.

DHI Implanter Pen
The DHI implanter is a pen-like instrument with a hollow needle. The operation team will put the grafts into the hollow needle one by one. The surgeon uses the pen and shoots the grafts into the scalp for implantation.

You can contact Cosmedica Clinic for more information about the procedure and the instruments.

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