Alcohol After Hair Transplant

Elisa Chistyukhina
Elisa Chistyukhina
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80% of men are affected by genetic hair loss. If the problem is to be permanently eliminated, a hair transplant by Dr. Levent Acar at the Cosmedica Clinic can help. But should you abstain from alcohol before and after the hair transplantation?

The harmful effects of alcohol

Alcohol changes your reactions and your perception of your surroundings. Alcohol enters the bloodstream and the internal organs via the oral and gastric mucosa. The slow degradation takes place in the liver.

In the brain, messenger substances and the processing of electrical nerve impulses are inhibited. The ability to react is slowed down. As alcohol dehydrates the body, the fluid balance is no longer intact. The body temperature continues to drop. Confusion, disorientation and drowsiness increase.

The cell poison alcohol damages the cells of the mucous membrane, the liver becomes fatty. The growth of tumours is promoted. The volume of the brain decreases due to the destruction of brain cells. 

Concentration problems occur. The thinned blood can no longer supply the tissue with sufficient oxygen and nutrients. Wound healing is delayed due to the reduced division rate of the cells. 

Since blood clotting is also impaired, wounds can only close slowly. The risk of bacteria immigrating is greatly increased.

Is the consumption of alcohol allowed before a hair transplant?

During a hair transplant at Cosmedica Clinic, Dr. Levent Acar applies a local anaesthetic to the scalp to avoid any sensation of pain. Drinking alcohol, be it champagne, wine, beer or other alcoholic beverages, before the hair transplantation will result in the anaesthetic not taking full effect

You may feel pain during the procedure. In addition, alcohol dilutes the blood. This makes it difficult to dose the local anaesthetic individually. Due to the blood-thinning effect, there is increased bleeding during the procedure.

The heavy bleeding delays the insertion of the hair follicles with the FUE method. The sensitive cells of the hair roots may be separated from the skin for a maximum of six hours. For a smooth procedure, it is important that no heavy bleeding occurs. 

If the hair follicles are outside the body for too long, the sensitive cells will be permanently damaged. The growth rate of the transplanted grafts is reduced. The transplanted hairs die and fall out.

Are you allowed to consume alcohol after a hair transplant?

Talk to your doctor about when you are allowed to drink alcoholic beverages again after your hair transplant. Alcohol can lead to further bleeding even after the procedure, it is a stress factor for the body.

The healing of the stitches is delayed. Since the immune system is also affected by alcohol, the risk of infection increases. Alcohol can promote severe, purulent infections in the donor and recipient areas.

The effect of the antibiotic you receive during treatment is significantly reduced by alcohol consumption. It can no longer protect you from infections. 

The production of sweat is increased by drinks containing alcohol. The crusts tear or become softened. Redness and swelling persist for a longer period. Visible scars form. The growth of the implanted hairs is made more difficult. Many grafts die and the hair falls out

Alcohol leads to the increased release of stress hormones. These increase the damage to the remaining hair.

What negative effects does alcohol have on hair transplantation?

Due to the poor supply of nutrients to the tissue, the sensitive cells of the hair roots are damaged. The hair is thin, brittle and weak. Their lifespan is greatly shortened.

Newly transplanted hairs are particularly sensitive. The grafts cannot anchor firmly, and the follicles die. In the worst case, due to the reduced growth rate, the result of the hair transplantation is only sparse, weak hair.

When can you drink alcohol again after a hair transplant?

You should not drink alcohol for at least ten days after the hair transplant. Since alcohol hurts the result of the hair transplant, it is better to abstain from it even longer.

To summarise

Heavy consumption of alcohol promotes stress-related loss of hair. This reduces the chance of having a full head of hair. Therefore, do not drink alcohol before and after the operation. Only in this way can a hair transplant in Turkey by Dr. Levent Acar at the Cosmedica Clinic bring the desired success.