The Use of Needle Free Anaesthesia in Hair Transplants

Elisa Chistyukhina
Elisa Chistyukhina
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Needle free anaesthesia is one of the most modern developments in cutting edge hair surgery.

How is needle free anaesthetic different?

In traditional hair transplant techniques, anaesthetic injection into the scalp can sometimes be unsettling for those patients with a fear of needles. As Cosmedica Clinic, we offer the option of needle-free anaesthesia as an option for our patients.In the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method, needle-free anaesthesia techniques can be used. With this technique, local anaesthesia is applied with a special tool without a needle at the tip. Furthermore, the hair transplant surgery is performed using a special instrument known as an implanter pen. So, the patients who want their hair back but who have a fear of needles can easily get hair transplants.

The benefits of needle free hair transplant techniques

Some people are deeply discomforted by needles. The fear of needles is a phobia that affects some people so much that they faint on having injections. We have seen this in many people, and it is nothing to be ashamed about.The needle-free anesthesia we use at Cosmedica Clinic is helpful to some of our patients psychologically, but also has advantages from the clinical perspective. Amongst these benefits are ensuring that the risk of infection and pain for the patient is minimized.Patients can be comfortable enough to watch movies, read books or listen to music during our needle-free hair transplant surgery.The risk of infection in needle-free hair transplant is so much lower because there is neither hole nor incision in the scalp.As Cosmedica Clinic, we offer needle-free anesthesia as an alternative choice for our patients.Get your free and no commitment consultation with Dr Acar at Cosmedica Clinic. We will be in touch with you as soon as we can.

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