Hair Transplant 101 – The Very Basics

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Not only good physical health, but also positive psychology is crucial to keeping us happy. Hair is one of the important things about your appearance and appearance can make you happy. If thinning hair or going bald bothers you, a procedure with latest technologies may be a great way to feel much more confident about your looks. It is simple to make yourself look and feel more attractive with a hair transplant. Hair thinning or hair loss no longer need to be permanent.

What exactly is a hair transplant?

To explain in a simple way, hair transplant or hair restoration is a type of a surgery that moves hair you already have to an area with thin or no hair. It may be surprising to learn that with new techniques, even if the patient’s hair has already been lost, if there are strong roots between the two ears at the back of your head, the surgery can still be done with success.

How does a hair transplant work?

The operation is performed with grafts which are resistant to loss and are usually located behind the head of the head and between the two ears. The roots in this area are collected by means of micro motors and transferred to the area where the hair loss is. The hair roots that are planted in hair transplantation do not fall out again.This is called a FUE (follicular unit extraction, or sometimes referred to as follicular unit transplantation).

Is a hair transplant comfortable?

Definitely. Hair transplants or hair restorations are simple out-patient procedures that are performed in a very relaxing surgery room designed with the best comfortable way. You may even watch TV or listen to a music in the short breaks during the operation. The operation usually lasts 5-8 hours.

When will I see the changes after hair transplant?

Within just 15 days to 21 days after the successful surgery, the transplanted hair will fall out, but you should start to notice the new growth of your own hair within a few months. According to statistics and research, most patients see 60% of new hair growth after 6 to 9 months. Of course, you should follow the instructions given by your doctor after hair transplant surgery.

How can I get personalized information?

Simply use Cosmedica’s contact form for a free consultation with Dr. Acar.

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