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Dr. Levent Acar

Dr. Levent Acar is dedicated to provide his patients with the most effective hair restorations with minimally invasive approach and advanced technique.

The best solutions to medical problems come with understanding our patients well. That is the key to develop better hair recovery treatments and getting consistently successful hair transplant results. In return, we are gifted with engaging with the miraculous change in human life.

Biography of Dr. Levent Acar


Dr. Acar is a Medical Aesthetics Doctor born in 1981 in Germany and is trilingual in German, Turkish and English. After graduating from Istanbul University Capa Medical Faculty, he participated in Dr. Horst-Schmidt-Kliniken (HSK) Medical Education Programs, FUE, Laser Therapy, Medical Aesthetic, Mesotherapy, Filler and Cosmetic Gynecology Training Programs.

His career started at the Medicana International Hospital as Medical Director of the Medical Aesthetic Unit, in Istanbul. He has specialized in FUE and DHI Sapphire Hair Transplant techniques. Since 2011, he offers hair transplantation services at Cosmedica Clinic.

Dr. Levent Acar follows the innovations and developments in hair transplant closely. He engages in all top-level congresses and seminars around the globe as lecturer and participant.

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Continuously developing the techniques and tracking the statistics of results leads to success.


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Patient testimonials

It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice.
Here are some of our…

hair-transplant-in-turkey-stars-reviews 553 Patient reviews
hair-transplant-in-turkey-stars-reviews 84 Patient reviews
hair-transplant-in-turkey-stars-reviews 848 Patient reviews

Absolutely Fantastic

“My result is absolutely fantastic. I’ve actually haven’t got a hairline in about five years. It’s absolutely unbelievable. It exceeded my expectations. In the first few stages, you’re not sure how it’s going to turn out in six months’ time. But after these six months, I’ve started to see the result. I can’t thank you enough. I’m very happy.“

Thomas Powell, UK

Definitely Recommended

Very professional in a large hospital. My transplant went very well with no real pain. I was picked up at airport. Great hotel, great doctor and a perfect team. I would definitely recommend Cosmedica and Dr. Acar to anyone who is thinking about having a hair transplant.

Mike S., London

I Was Losing Confidence…

“When I went swimming I was scared to put my head under the water because I had lost all confidence and I didn’t want people to see it. I had to do something about it. Now I have a Drake-hairline. How couldn’t I be happy with this“

Liam McAleese, UK

Substituição capilar FUE de qualidade premium na Turquia

A beleza natural começa com cabelos brilhantes. E a Cosmedica oferece uma maneira conveniente e econômica de cuidar disso. Quando decidir recorrer a nós, tenha a certeza de que o máximo conforto será garantido durante toda a sua estadia na Turquia. Com o nosso pacote com tudo incluído para implantes capilares em Istambul, você não apenas se livrará do seu problema, mas também terá tudo organizado de antemão.


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