Treating Recipient Zones Differently


Did you know that different recipient areas should be treated differently?

Based on the structure of the skin, we can divide the recipient area mainly into three zones: Inner Frontal Zone, Outer Frontal Zone, and Crown Zone. The Efficaciousness of hair transplant surgery depends on treating these areas differently. Improving the technique particularly on these areas is the key to a desirable result on all these zone types.

The 3 types of zones have different blood supplies, nourishing, hardness/softness, thickness, and elasticity. All these differences call for a different surgical approach. Each zone requires distinct intervention techniques. The type of tools (e.g. Blades) play an essential role and are selected during the intervention of our patients.

Please also note that hair growth is also a factor that must be taken into account for the hair transplantation on the crown. Usually, the hairs on the hairline start to grow earlier than the crown. At the frontal parts the final result is often achieved after 12 months, while at the crown, growth may continue up to 14 months after treatment.

On the other hand, the crown does also has some advantages. Grafts with double and triple hairs can be used for the crown and middle areas, without harming the natural look. Grafts with multiple follicles will help to achieve more coverage and a denser look.

This means; fewer grafts, but more hairs.

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