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Advanced tools and the latest technologies in hair transplant, at the clinic of worldwide known surgeon Dr. Levent Acar.

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Since 1990’s the FUE method in hair transplant is being developed to higher standards. There are a few key variables in the FUE method itself that needed to be adjusted to achieve better and more successful hair transplantation results. Dr. Acar uses the finest and latest tools and techniques for a high-standard, premium-quality, safe, and highly successful hair transplantation service in Turkey.
To explain the development of the technique of hair transplantation applied at Cosmedica, it is useful to divide the procedure into stages. We have the pre-operation stage(anesthesia) and the operation stages(extracting, channel opening, implanting).
Pre-operation stage

Local Anesthesia and Needle Free Anesthesia

Hair transplantation is performed under local anesthetics which makes the next stages much more comfortable and less painful for the wide-awake patient. However, the anesthesia itself was being experienced often as quite painful. This did lead to alternative technologies to ensure a %70 less painful hair transplant.

Needle-free jet injection anesthesia system: Instead of directly applying anesthetics with the needle: the needle-free anesthesia technology is administered at Cosmedica – Dr. Acar’s hair transplantation clinic in Turkey.

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Hair Transplant in Turkey during Corona Virus

Cosmedica Clinic takes the current situation very seriously and takes appropriate measures both in and outside the clinic. We offer on-site PCR COVID-19 testing to our patients. In addition, we support our clients with hair transplant issues in Turkey during the pandemic.