Choosing The Right Hair Transplant Surgeon


As the popularity of hair transplant increases highly in recent years, choosing the right hair transplant surgeon becomes a very important issue. You should know that hair transplantation procedures are part of aesthetic surgery. According to Turkish law, only plastic surgery or dermatology specialists can perform hair transplantation operations.

Hair transplantation, which includes surgical applications, requires medical experience as well as design and artistic talent. First of all you must ask to see your doctor’s certificate of competence.
It is very important that the expert doctor who is going to perform the hair transplant surgery should be experienced and have had successful results only in this area before. Your doctor must have up to date knowledge about the latest techniques on the subject.

As patient, you must ask all your concerns to your doctor before the operation. For this purpose, you may ask how many years the specialist doctor is in the profession, how many hair transplantation procedures has had and their results, whether if he/she is participating in national or international congresses and symposiums, and if there are any local or global publications.
An unsuccessful operation may lead to serious health problems and unwanted outlook. Such an operation worsens the person’s mood. The patient may have to deal with correcting the operation flaws and that may lead too many extra expenses and time-wasting.

You may also note that hair transplantation should be done in clinics or hospitals with necessary equipment. You can do research about your doctor yourself. In the research that you will do by spending time on the internet, you should take into account not only the education and career of your doctor but also the comments of the patients he/she treated before.

For both your appearance and your health, you should choose a doctor who is highly skilled, qualified and expert.

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